8 Things to Allow Toddlers To Do (Always)

Of course, bans should be present in a child’s life – we raise our kids using some rules. But in some cases, prohibitions do no good. Below, I mentioned 8 things to allow toddlers – think over the consequences whenever you’re ready to ban these activities.

1. Eating themselves

Yes, feeding kids ourselves is faster and easier, but by prohibiting them to put a spoon in the mouth, we prevent the baby from growing up, feeling big, and being confident in his abilities. These are the child’s first steps towards independence. In order not to break the desire and zeal for this independence, do not forbid eating with a spoon, even if it gets very messy.

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2. Helping you

One day, parents say “Do not touch it – it will break!”, “Put the glass down, or you will spill the tea!” And several years later, the complaints change: “He does not want to do anything!”. Parents are afraid that the baby will cause a lot of trouble. But it’s very important for the children to feel their importance, to understand that you need them. Pay attention to the effort and desire with which the baby wipes the table or vacuums. What the kid really needs is praise and approval from his parents. So ask your children to help you, let them help you, and say ‘Thanks’ for that.

3. Drawing

Oh, those painted walls and eaten paints! Every mom has gone through it. However, it’s not the reason to refuse your kid the favor of self-expression. The problems can be avoided by making paints at home, and allocating space and clothes for painting (which are easy to clean). Through drawing, the child shows his emotions and feelings, because it’s still difficult to express oneself by words.

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4. Fooling around, running, jumping, screaming, making noise

Moving and playing is a must for any kid! In this way, the child expresses his emotions, relaxes, and spills out the energy that has accumulated. Of course, there are places where such behavior is inappropriate (in public places, on the street, etc.), but at home, allow the baby to be what he wants. Try to fool around with your toddler, and a great evening is guaranteed!

5. Climbing on sports facilities on the playground

Many mothers don’t let their kids climb on playground slides so that they don’t fall, do not get hurt. They think that it is much easier to ban than to teach the baby to climb the stairs and slide down. Does it work? No. After all, the baby will still climb, but “Get down!” screams will scare the poor thing.

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6. Playing with water

The water beckons kids. This is a source of great happiness and discovery. Therefore, it is better to join the child, organize the space and have fun together. Among things to allow toddlers to do, I would also mention jumping in puddles: I let my daughter jumping in small ones – everyone stays happy.

7. Touching fragile things

You kid wants to take and look at some fragile object? Explain to the toddler that he should be careful with this and how to handle the thing. Say that it can be touched, examined, and then carefully put back on its place. After doing so, the kid will lose interest in the object.

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8. Expressing their opinion

Every toddler is a small person, and they may also have their own opinion. Therefore, speak with your kids on equal terms, listen to them and pay attention to what they say. Do not ignore your little one!

What else would you add to the list of ‘things to allow toddlers’? Let us know what you let your kids do, and why.

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