The Best Sports For Introvert Kids: 7 Activities For A Little Melancholic

Your little one is not into group sports? Wonder which activities will bring your melancholic kid joy instead of distress? Athletics is not always about competition and communication with others – this article is here to prove that. Find out what are the best sports for introvert kids.

Introvert kids. What are they like?

It is easy to recognize a little melancholic: they are quiet, thoughtful and obedient children, not prone to aggression and quarrels with peers. This temperament is considered the most “convenient” for education because the kids obey parents perfectly, do not have problems with hyperactivity and tantrums, and are rarely capricious.

The feelings of a melancholic kid are deep, but he does not always know how to express them. Such children know how to concentrate, they don’t like hurry and fuss. Their voice is usually quiet, the body type is asthenic (thin and tall). Compared to their peers, introvert kids are uncommunicative, strongly attached to parents.

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The main problem of the melancholic kids is self-doubt, difficulties in communicating with peers and love of comfort, which makes their temperament unsuitable for sports. Nevertheless, it is possible to engage an introvert kid into some great activities.

7 Best Sports For Introvert Kids

For active extrovert kids, sports activities are the way to get rid of excess energy and relieve stress. On the opposite, melancholic children usually do not need this. They may be interested in spectacular team sports, but they prefer watching the competition from the outside rather than participate in them.

Shyness and affection for the mother can cause additional problems – while other children are happy to meet peers during the workout and explore a new world, melancholic people prefer their own society and familiar environment.

Here’s what might interest them:

  1. Shooting. Any discipline in which you need to aim and calculate your actions is ideal for melancholic people. They, like no one else, are able to concentrate, focus their attention and patiently wait for the right moment. If your child does not have serious vision problems, feel free to offer him/her archery or pistol shooting, discus throwing, spear throwing and so on.
  2. Horse Riding. Smart and calm horses, fresh air, a leisurely rhythm of classes – horseback riding is ideal for melancholic people, as it is a non-aggressive and safe sport.
  3. Kayaking. Introvert children often become excellent sailors and generally love such water sports. Since they don’t start to kayaking at an early age, you can first send the child to the pool – most likely, your kid will also like ordinary swimming.
  4. Dancing. Oddly enough, small melancholy people often plunge headlong into dancing. Despite the stress and great activity, it is in them that they find an outlet and the opportunity to express their feelings, which is very important for such children.
  5. Yoga. One of the quietest kinds of sports, yoga will appeal to kids who aren’t into very active workouts. Since yoga combines stretching, muscle-building exercises, and breathing exercises, it’s a great option for the growing body.
  6. Cycling. Once your kid learns to ride a bike, let them practice cycling on a regular basis. The amount of interaction is minimal, while the amount of positive emotions and physical benefits is enormous.
  7. Fencing. Sounds strange, but fencing is another kind of sports that appeals to shy and calm kids. It’s not just about swinging a spadroon – fencing requires thinking, too. It provides a wide choice of strategies and weapons, not mentioning that it’s a great workout.
Fencing is one of the best sports for introvert children

Please note: most often, melancholic children make progress in sports at a later age – not earlier than in 10-12 years. Up to this point, psychologists do not recommend forcing a kid to attend any classes if he does not show interest in any sports discipline. Instead, focus on general physical development. Swimming and therapeutic exercises would be a great choice.

Team sports and disciplines that require a quick reaction (football, basketball, tennis, boxing, etc.) are considered the least suitable for melancholic people.

A Few Tips For Parents of Introverts

Introvert kids can be happy without sports, but if you still want to introduce physical activity into their life (or even make your little one a professional sportsman), pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • In no case should a melancholic child be scolded or intimidated. No criticism! Motivate your kid very carefully, without injuring or comparing with other children. Otherwise, your child might develop low self-esteem and start hating sports.
  • Consider the typical melancholics’ problem: such children enthusiastically begin a new activity, but can quickly get tired of it. Therefore, think in advance how you are going to motivate your kid and maintain the interest in the chosen sport.
  • Pay particular attention to the choice of coach. This point follows directly from the first – make sure that the trainer does not scream, does not scold and does not behave harshly with the small athlete. This is especially important for typical boy sports.
  • Sport is far no the main thing in the life of melancholic people, so do not expect our little one to become a champion. If you feel that the child doesn’t want sports to be his profession, do not insist on training 5 days a week and do not fulfill your own ambitions this way.
  • Introvert kids can experience stress from everything new, so you need to prepare them for changes in their life. For example, before driving your kid to workouts, attend the first few lessons together: watch and check kid’s reaction. Let the child get to know the other guys, the coach and get used to the atmosphere of the place.

To Sum It Up

An introvert child is a vulnerable, sensitive and fairly closed personality. A suitable kind of sport will help such kid open up, make new friends and gain confidence. To make the right choice, consider the opinion of your children, observe what their interests are, in and what they are striving for.

Remember that the features of temperament are smoothed out with age, so it makes no sense to demand independence, sociability, and hyperactivity from a three-year-old toddler. If the kid does not show any interest in sports at an early age, wait and try again a little later – at 8 or 10 years.

Give your child the freedom of choice: if he wants to try several sports, let him do this, but do not confuse such tests with the loss of interest in something new.  Study sports together, discuss them, and you will surely find the kind of activity that will captivate your children and make them happy.

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