How To Teach Kids Spelling? Strategies That Really Work

Spelling is a very steep learning curve even for the little ones who are quick on the uptake. How to teach kids spelling in the most efficient way? Make it engaging and fun! Let’s observe teaching spelling strategies, games and activities to boost progress.

Basic Activities to Teach Kids Spelling

Spelling Ball

This is one of the most useful kid spelling games. Make a circle with your kids and toss a ball after pronouncing a word. Child catching the ball should spell the word, and whoever spells the word incorrectly, tosses a ball to another person to spell it in the right way.

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Clip Words

Clip magazine letters to teach kids spellingGot old magazines? Give your little one small scissors and ask to cut out the words, and then cut them into letters. You can also ask them to make the puzzle back.







Spell Out Kids’ Name And Words They Like

Child is struggling with spelling unknown or complicated words? Start with the words they like! My daughter was very enthusiastic writing ‘Cheese’, ‘Cake’ and ‘Banana’ 😉

Draw & Paint

If your child is into coloring and drawing, choose visual spelling strategies. Let him or her paint an animal – then ask to write its name underneath. Buy colorings to learn alphabet and similar stuff.

Use Stair Steps To Memorize Words

This activity is especially useful for making your kid memorize certain works. Ask your son or daughter write a word by adding a letter, for example:






Use Finger paint to teach spelling - it's fun

Hands-On Approach

Get back to creative spelling ideas again and let your children write words using their…fingers! Prepare a huge piece of paper, finger paints, an apron, and give your little ones freedom. Write letters, short and long words – bright and colorful, they will imprint in their mind.


50 Most Common English Words

Include reading these 50 words in your spelling activities: they should be spelled automatically because your kids will need them every day, all the time.


he at but



was be not use


for this what



on have all



are from were



as or we



with ine when do
you his had your



they by can their
it I word said


Advanced Effective Spelling Strategies     

Now when your kid has mastered the basics of spelling, you can try more complicated activities.

Word Find Game to teach spelling

Word Hunting

Use word search exercises from kids’ magazines and exercise books. Start with the ones providing the list of words to be found. Many of them offer words belonging to come certain category (food, family, colors, etc), which is great for boosting vocabulary!





Play Spelling Train

This game must be familiar for you. Rules are simple: say or read a word and ask your kids to name another word beginning with that last letter. This way, you should continue the ‘spelling train’:

Road → Desk → King → Great → Toe → Elbow → Work

Scrambled Words

For this game, you will need magnet letters or make use of Scrabble letters. Pronounce a word and give your kid the letters making it up (mix up the letters). Let the kid compose the letters to spell the word.

Play Online Games

How to teach spelling in a fun way? Of course by playing games! One of the best online trainers is Spelling City and Puzzlemaker games.

Spelling city online game
Spelling City offers a myriad of cool online games for little spellers

Find The Wrong Word

Write a few words one of which is evidently misspelled: let your son or daughter find it. Start with simple words, then try more complicated and difficult ones. This is one of the most efficient techniques of teaching spelling activities to prepare your kid for school.

Trace The Word

This approach is called ‘Trace, Copy, and Repeat’. First, write down a word and let your kid trace their pen over it to see how it’s spelled and understand its meaning and letters. Then let the kid write this word nearby. After that, turn the paper and ask your little one to write down the word from memory.

Make The List Of Confusing Words

Write or Right? Hair or Hare? Two or Too? Homophones can be a true nightmare for kids, but how to teach spelling rules if not by explaining and showing them? Use pictures to illustrate examples – this way, it’s easier to memorize tricky words.

Teach kids spelling of homophones!

Create a Context For Difficult Words

How to make a child remember spellings of difficult words? Provide some associations. For example, cat uses ‘C’ letter because it loves sitting on the sofa. Why two ‘S’ in ‘Glass’? Because you see the sun through it. Provide context, and your kid will learn new words much easier.

When you plan to teach kids spelling, think of games and activities that will engage them and last for some 15-20 minutes (this is the average attention span for kids aged 5 and more). Switch activities, try something new, and watch child’s written vocabulary grow day by day.

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