17 Ways to Express Love to Kids

How often do we tell our kids we love them? It never seems enough, right? No matter how old they are, our hearts tremble with joy every moment we spend together. Saying “I love you” will never hurt, but what about alternative ways of showing your affection?

Why showing your love is important for children?

Every person needs to know that there’s someone for whom we’re dear and special. When it comes to kids, they are the only ones who deserve our love merely due to the fact of their existence. That’s what they need to know. That your love is pure, unconditional, and everlasting.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.

The children who feel parents’ love and support tend to be happier persons. They are more self-confident, emotionally stable and less aggressive and, what’s crucial, they learn how to love others, too. By getting love from parents, they start realizing how important this feeling is.

There are many ways to say “I love you” using different words – that’s what this article is about. However, actions speak louder than words – that’s what we gonna do.

Express love differently

You can express love to children in words, but actions always speak louder. Here are 17 unordinary ideas to show your affection to the kid.

  1. All of a sudden (for instance, on Wednesday), go to cinema together and let the child choose the film.
  2. Organize a long promenade and walk according to your kid’s tempo and directions he or she selects.
  3. Create a home exhibition of your common family photographs and proudly show them to guests visiting you.
  4. Secretly put a few sweets into your child’s jacket pockets. Write some words of encouragement or praise on the wrappers.
  5. Prepare a bath with colored soap, bubbles and unusual toys. Let the baby play with any (okay, almost any) things that can be found at home. In fact, many kids love bathing with kitchenware. Why not adding some ‘amuse de bouche’? Bring your kid a milkshake topped with chocolate syrup and colored sprinkling. P.S.: Don’t forget to warm the towel up.Make a bath for your little one
  6. Send your child a secret letter with some little gift, for instance, a coupon for visiting an ice-cream bar. Sign the letter without disclosing its author and hide it in your mailbox.
  7. Watch the videos and photographs where your kid was a baby.
  8. Make a wickiup of furniture and covers, switch a lamp inside it and organize a magic evening of storytelling. Read books and make up your own stories, and don’t forget about milk and cookies.Make a wickup in kid's room
  9. Instead of making the child go to sleep, watch some film or read a fairytale
  10. Make an unordinary lunch for school. It should be something unusual and very delicious!
  11. When your kid gets home after school, leave all your duties and businesses and spend a few minutes embracing and squeezing the little one.
  12. Let your kid make a wishlist and hang it on a visible spot. Start fulfilling these wishes right now. Alternatively, you can create monthly playbills to visit places where your offspring wants to go.
  13. Go shopping, choose ingredients for a cake and cook it together.Cook something tasty together!
  14. Compose a poem dedicated to your kid, or find some in the Net. Write it on decorated paper or make some kinds of a scroll and put it under his or her pillow.
  15. Adorn kid’s room without reasons.
  16. Use a shoe box to make a treasure chest: fill it with ‘gold’ (sweets and colorful trifles) and draw a map that’ll help your kid to find it.
  17. Take a day off. Forget about work, home duties, phone, Internet and TV – instead, focus on your children entirely.

Express love spontaneously! Think out of the box and introduce your interesting ways of entertaining and indulging kids.

Your suggestions in comments are welcomed.

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