Narrative Pictures For Toddlers: On The Farm

This method of speech development in kids is often neglected. Never tried narrative pictures for toddlers? It’s time to make it up! Learn how to work with narrative pictures and offer your kid a journey to a farm.

Let’s start with some theory.

Purpose And Benefits Of Narrative Pictures for Toddlers

Narrative pictures not only help children develop speech – they have the following benefit:

  1. Logical thinking. Watching a series of pictures or a picture with multiple objects, a preschooler learns to define the connection between images and characters and concludes that the pictures are united by a single storyline. This way, analytical thinking, and a logical structure are formed – they allow a toddler to form a coherent story.
  2. Creative thinking. Without fantasy, it’s impossible to make a story from a picture. Show your kid the brown dog that appears on several farm pictures below. Ask your little one: whose dog is this, what it does? This is where imagination comes to the rescue: listen to the versions of your kids – let them make up a story about the dog.
  3. Coherent literate speech. It is formed in the age of 4-6 years when the child can answer questions with full detailed sentences with homogeneous members. Narrative pictures for toddlers are perfect for developing coherent speech. The practice of storytelling, when the clues are present in the form of pictures in front of your eyes, will help your child competently and coherently answer questions, paying attention to the details and things taking place.

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How To Work With Narrative Pictures For Toddlers?

  1. To get started, look at the picture and find the heroes of the story. Do it with each picture. If you have one story in several pictures, make sure the kid understands they’re connected with one another.
  2. Then ask questions about each picture: which animals are depicted on it? What are animals doing on the farm? What do they see? How did you react? What did they do after that? How is their day going?
  3. Try to get an ample answer from your kid, do not limit sentences by one word. Let your little one speak, speak, speak (especially when they’re in the mood for it).
  4. Now ask the child to look at the pictures and tell you everything he saw and remembered in the correct order. Thus, the kid will make a full and logical story.
  5. To spark more interest in your toddler, tell your version of the story and ask the child to evaluate your narrative.

A Few Tips For Parents

We all know that small children assimilate and learn what is interesting for them. Here you can learn how to encourage exercises and improvement. To make your exercises with narrative pictures more gripping and useful, follow these rules:

  • Keep track of the clarity and completeness of the sentences in the story of your kid.
  • Ask more questions, express your interest.
  • Try to be active and react to the child’s responses.
  • Write down kid’s sentences, so you will be able to analyze answers afterward.
  • Do not correct your child while he’s describing things related to the picture. But if the baby is carried away and just chatting in vain, get him back to the subject of the story – remind of it.
  • For the first exercises with narrative pictures, choose short stories or single pictures as below.
  • Start with amusing and funny pictures: children love humor as much as adults and will gladly tell you a funny story.

Now when you know how to work with narrative pictures for toddlers, offer your kid visit a farm and check out what farm animals are doing:

Narrative pictures about farm
What grandma is doing?
Narrative pictures to develop kids speech
How many animals can you count?
Narrative pictures for kids
What are they looking at?
Narrative pictures for toddlers: On the Farm
Whom do you see on the picture?
NNarrative pictures - best sheech development activity
Ask the kid to describe the farm
Plot pictures for toddlers
Each animal is busy – what are they doing?
Story pictures to develop toddler speech
Name the animals and ask kid mimick their sounds
Narrative pictures to improve toddler speech
How kids are helping on the farm?
Boost kids speech with these narrative pictures
Ask toddler to describe the animals and their mood

Hope you will enjoy watching and describing the pictures. Good luck!

Cover image: Taken by MarvelMama
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