15 Worksheets For Graphomotor Activities

Last update: July 22nd, 2019 at 10:11 PM

Did you know that graphomotor activities help kids to successfully overcome problems in learning and cope with school tasks? These 15 great worksheets are here to boost fine motor skills and writing abilities in toddlers.

Why graphomotor activities are useful for children?

There’s a myriad of ready-to-print patterns for graphomotor activity: tracing letters, contouring exercises for toddlers, and so on. But why no one explains what they serve for. Turns out, the list of benefits of such worksheets is a mile long:

  1. Intellectual improvement. During drawing, the brain is actively developing, using the potential of the entire nervous system. The brain sends a signal to the body to properly organize its work, and receives the signals back. Graphomotor activities allow us to improve functioning of the nervous system, as well as the cerebral cortex.
  2. Overall development. In the process of writing, fine motor abilities are formed. A kid will quickly learn how to hold pens and pencils and use them correctly. During graphomotor exercises, coordination of the visual and motor mechanisms is achieved.
  3. Vocabulary boosting. While drawings and contouring together with parents, a kid can replenish the vocabulary with new concepts. Their interaction helps to develop speech and learn new notions.
  4. Better attention, memory, focus on details.
  5. Coping with handwriting deficits. Regular exercising with graphomotor worksheets helps toddlers acquire better control over their motor skills and write more accurately.

Some specialists also claim that such worksheets might be a part of dysgraphia treatment during occupational therapy.

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Time to reap those benefits! Print out these worksheets out and let your kids do the graphomotor activities every day – positive results won’t be long to wait.

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