10 Free Printables For Toddlers

Want your kid to spend your time with maximum benefit? Here are some free printables for toddlers aged 3-4. Most of them have great hands-on exercises for boosting counting skills. I have provided a few guidelines below each worksheet – all you need to do is print them out and give to your children (don’t forget about pencils).

More worksheets for toddlers can be found here and here

Before you start, I’d like to mention a few tips for making your exercises more efficient:

  • Do worksheet exercises together with your kid: explain the tasks because most toddlers cannot read the instructions yet.
  • Let the kid take his time: remember that toddler’s concentration lasts10-20 minutes – do not expect all worksheets to be filled in a single session.
  •  Whenever you deal with exercises that boost logic skills, let the little one explain the choice.

Okay, let’s get down to business! Download the worksheets and watch your kids enjoy the tasks.

10 Free Printables For Toddlers 

Free printables for toddlers
How many objects are there? Count and color as many circles
Free printables for toddlers
Where would you put the objects? Choose the corresponding containers
Free printables for toddlers
Match the quantity with numbers
Free printables for toddlers
Which object is an extra one? Cross it.
Free printables for toddlers
Color the objects in the same manner
Free printables for toddlers
Match T-shirts and shorts by color and number
Free printables for toddlers
Is there any extra object? Count to find it out
Free printables for toddlers
Count the objects and circle the corresponding number
Free printables for toddlers
Color the objects the same way as on the left
Free printables for toddlers
Count the number of objects and write it down


I hope you liked those free printables. Share with other moms and leave your recommendations and offers concerning other worksheets and developing hands-on activities.


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