The Best Board Games For Kids 2019

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All of us, parents, are often concerned about the enormous screen time our children spend – cartoons, video games, and applications are no good. How to pull them out from virtual reality? Come up with an alternative! These best board games for kids are not just fun – they will become your favorite ritual to strengthen family bonds. Old good games are back – trend is sparkled again!

So let’s observe the worthiest options for you to pick up the most appealing activities.

Spot It (6+)

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So simple and yet challenging, Spot It game is a nice entertainment option and memory trainer. Inside the box, there are 55 cards with various symbols. The goal of the game is to be the first to notice two or more authentic symbols on cards. Be all eyes: cards change every round, so you should pay attention. Compact and non-complicated, the game is perfect for traveling.





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Jenga (5+)

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One of the world’s most popular games, Jenga has always been a must-have in many families. Suitable for players of any age, it develops coordination and patience, as well as strategic thinking. There’s more to it than just moving blocks – you need to predict what your rivals will do and act accordingly. Your little one would adore this board game – a rate kid doesn’t like building towers.






Scattergories (8+)

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Perfect for boosting vocabulary and imagination, Scattergories is not your
Here, you have to think quickly! Each player drags one of 32 cards with a certain category and has to think of the words belonging to or connected to this category. What’s the trick? Words should start with the letter from the letter die! It’s a challenge not only for kids – parents will brainstorm, too.




Monopoly (5+)

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How could we miss out on this cult board game? Monopoly is an ever-popular classic that doesn’t even need a description – you know how it works, don’t you? It would be interesting for kids, parents, and grandparents. Who wouldn’t like to build an empire?





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The Sequence (7+)

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This game would be equally great for both kids and adults: it helps to learn and yet has an element of unpredictability. Never heard of it before? The rules of Sequence for kids quite simple: each player is given a stack of cards. In each round, they pull one card and put them on the corresponding spot on the board with a chip. The player who gets a row of five chips first wins. Such a game usually takes 10-30 minutes – optimal! Since the game requires a combination of strategy and luck, it’s both entertaining and educating. Besides, the rules are a no-brainer.




Richard Scarry’s Busytown, Eye Found It (3+)

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One of the best board games for kids only, this one helps to build up the team spirit and learn children to cooperate and work with each other. What’s the point of the activity? Using the six-foot board, kids should find their way to Picnic island searching for hidden objects at the same time.
In each round, up to 4 kids can participate. They spin the spinner, and it tells them what to do: make a few steps, or solve the ‘Goldbug Mystery’. In the second case, players should work together and find some certain objects on the board. That will help them to reach Picnic Island where pigs are eating all they see.

Scrabble (8+)

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Although this game is designed for a company of two or four, don’t hesitate to team up, especially if you’re playing with children. Most likely, you don’t need the explanation of what Scrabble is: you should compose words using the tiles you have at your disposal. The longer the words you make, the more points you earn. Scrabble is perfect for boosting vocabulary and training spelling. Being a must-have in all families for decades, it promises to become your favorite game, too!





Chutes And Ladders (4+)

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This game is the true story of good and evil: the kids who behave well climb up the ladder, and those who break the rules slide down the chutes. Spin the spinner and try your luck! Will you be able to climb up, up and up?






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Sorry (7+)

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One of the most versatile board games for kids, Sorry! evokes a competitive spirit since you can bump your rivals back to the starting line and advance your pawns in the safety area (this is the whole point of the game). It has room for 4 people and comes with a game board, 12 pawns, cards, tokens, and the instruction. Sorry! requires both thinking and luck, so you will definitely enjoy unpredictable twists and turns. By the way, if you get tired of playing the classic version, there are numerous add-ons.





Hoot Owl Hoot! (4+)

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When your little kid is bored, here’s what will save the situation. Simple, colorful, and engaging, Hoot Owl Hoot! is a very cute game that appeals to all toddlers. The point of the matching game is to help owls reach their next before the dawn. When you pull a color card, an owl flies to that space. If you draw a sun card, an owl gets closer to the daylight. All owls should return to the nest before the sun rises – this is where you need to boost collaboration skills. There are two levels of the game so it will grow with your children.





There’s no better reason to get together and have some fun than new board games for kids. Pick the ones you like, call siblings, dad and grandparents, and enjoy!

Which games do your children like? Leave your replies on comments.

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