Positive Thinking Games for Kids

The benefits of positive thinking were scientifically proved a long, long ago. Psychologists, neuroscientists, researchers, and doctors – all in the same breath claim that it’s essential for a fully-fledged life. Although childhood is the most careless and beautiful period of our lives, children may also have a negative mindset. All in all, things happen. How to help them enjoy every single day? Try these three positive thinking games for kids – they will get your little back on track.

‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so…” – Hamlet

Wonder whether they will work? Just like any other good habit, optimism should be practiced on a regular basis, even if it’s hard. However, the ‘exercise’ will surely have a more lasting impact than toys, sweets and other surprises that make a kid happy for a couple of minutes only.

3 Positive Thinking Games for Kids

You should try those positive thinking games for kids, too: that will show you that every cloud has a silver lining.

Fortunately – Unfortunately

Positive thinking game: Fortunately-unfortunatelyThis game will be equally interesting for kids and adults: it helps to find a way out in any situation. Someone should start a story that may last forever:

– Once our family decided to make a picnic. Unfortunately, it started raining.

– Fortunately, the daughter took an umbrella.

– Unfortunately, the umbrella broke, while rain was becoming stronger and stronger.

– Fortunately, her brother could fix the umbrella up.

– Unfortunately, he left his instruments at home.

– Fortunately,.

Turn by turn, offer problems and search for solutions. Don’t hurry to come up with ideas – let your kids make up the story and train imagination. This is a great family game, especially for long trips.

A blessing in disguise

This game reminds of the previous one, but this time, children need to find something positive in something negative.

Imagine a situation, say, “Your dance classes were canceled today” and ask the kid to find benefits that can be reaped from such an event. For example, “I’ll have time to play my favorite game or do the homework”, “I can take a walk with my friends instead”.

That will show your little one that no problem is dramatic if you’re on the bright side.

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What am I thankful for?

Ask your kid to make the list of things that make them happy and remind that life is worth living. It can be anything: hobbies, toys, places, songs, and cartoons, etc. Sounds more like a simple discussion? Add the element of the game!

Gather kids together and offer them to guess what they love their life for. Compare their answers and praise them for the talent to find happiness in little things. The kids who mention more things can be awarded, as well.

Bonus: A perfect day

Make a perfect day for your kid!Visualization is the key to a positive mindset. Let your kid imagine how they would spend their perfect day. Go to the cinema, eat a lot of ice cream, play with grandfather, buy new skates and test them in the park – there are so many things to do!

Now when the list is ready, make child’s dreams come true – organize the day described in their fantasies. Remind them that life is a pleasure.

Foster optimism in your little ones – it will help them in the future life! Positive thinking games for kids are the easiest way to shake bad emotions off and psych them up for success.

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