Light and Shadow Play For Kids: Ideas At Your Fingertips

Don’t know how to spend an evening with your children? Switch on the night light, make yourself comfortable, and watch your little ones show you the shadow theater! Let your kid switch fantasy on and make up their own tale. But before that, teach to show tale characters without using toys – all you need is your hands! Here are a few great ideas to organize shadow play for kids.

What’s the point?

Wherever I visit my friends, the nursery is jam-packed with tons of toys. We buy our kids the whole toy kits, let them watch cartoons, and play video games and…kill their imagination this way! I think we forgot that kids have rich fantasy and they actually don’t need so much stuff for role-playing – their bright mind animates anything.

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Light and shadow play for kids is a perfect opportunity to train their imagination and cognitive skills, as well as to express oneself. Trust me, kids don’t need a scenario – they will tell you stores better than in those books we buy them!

I highly recommend trying to play shadow theater because:

  • It’s an absolutely new and gripping activity for both kids and adults;
  • Such games improve the child’s imagination, cognitive skills, and speech;
  • It improves fine motor skills and brain-hand coordination;
  • You don’t need expensive toys – use your hands and light.

However, if you want to level up your game, you can buy the complete shadow puppets theater – it’s a perfect choice for putting tales on a stage.

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5 Games To Play With Shadows

The versatility of this game cannot be overestimated – shadow play activity isn’t confined to showing tales only. I’ve found at least 5 shadow finger play variations:

  1. Shadow guessing game. Show your child some object and ask to guess what it is – it will boost visual perception.
  2. Play with your hands. Ask the kid to show all his fingers together and separately, count fingers and work on their isolation. Use a projector for the little one to see the shadow of their hands – it allows concentrating attention.
  3. Shadow puppets. Play shadow theater using hand-made figures or ready puppets. Your kid can show you some famous tale, or come up with a completely new story.
  4. Tracing shadows. Ask your little one outline his or her shadow with chalk on the pavement. Also, use some transparent surface to draw numbers or letters on it: light through it and offer kids to trace the contours of the shadow.
  5. Shadow tagging is a cool group game for kids. Instead of tagging each other, kids should step on the shadow – once it’s stepped, it’s your turn to trace tag the others.

Ideas for Hand Shadow Play For Kids

Here is what you can show using only your hands! Switch on the projector and watch the shadows animating and turning into animals and people.

Shadow play for kids

Shadow animals


Shadow game for kids

Shadow figures

Shadow ideas by

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