Games To Boost Kid’s Self-Esteem

Praising and expressing your love is important for your child’s psychological health. But it’s not enough to hear the words of approval – a kid should feel confident. These games to boost kid’s self-esteem will encourage children, make them believe and love themselves.

1. “What Mom Loves Me For?”

Sit with your kids and ask them what their parents love them for. Let them express their opinion freely – do not interrupt or correct.

At first, children might say that mother loves them for washing dishes, letting her write a dissertation in silence, loving their little sister … But only after repeating this game many times do children come to the conclusion that they are loved for what they are.

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2. Praises Group Game

Games to boost kids self-esteemChildren sit in a circle (or at their desks). Everyone receives a card on which they should record their good deed. The phrase starts with “Once I …” For example: “Once I helped a friend at school” or “Once I quickly completed my homework,” etc.

2-3 minutes are given for thinking, after which each child in a circle (or in turn) makes a brief message about how once he did a great job doing something. Kids listen to each other and learn how many cool things they are capable of.

When each kid has expressed themselves, an adult can summarize what has been said. To sum it up, you can say that each child has talents, but in order to notice this, you need to be attentive, caring and friendly towards each other.

3.  Cards With Traits

Draws cards with pictograms indicating various positive qualities. Give these card to your kid and discuss what these traits mean. For example, a card with a picture of a smiling little man can symbolize optimism, an image with two equal pieces of cake – readiness to share and honesty. If children can read and write, instead of pictographs, you can write any positive quality on the cards.

How to improve a child’s self-esteem with these cards? Let your kid realize that he or she possesses such qualities. At the same time, you can focus the attention on the traits that should be developed. If you play this game with several kids, make sure there are no ‘outcasts’ – everyone should feel special.

4. Jar of Achievements

Instead of a piggy bank, get a jar and ask your kid to write down the positive things that have been done during the day. Ask them to do it on a daily basis – they’ll gleam with pride watching how much they are capable of. Out of all confidence building activities for kids, this one is the easiest and the most persuading one.

5. Flower With Names

Make a flower craft: a child’s regular name is written in the center, and all other affectionate variations of child’s name are written on the petals. Let your kid read them and stick a butterfly on the petal he likes most. If you have no time to make self-esteem crafts, you can paint such a flower.

6. Drawing In The Mirrors

This game is recommended for kids aged 6+. Give your kid three papers – they will be the ‘mirrors’. Ask your little one to draw oneself according to the signs below: “Me in my parents’ eyes”, “Me in my friends’ eyes”, and “How do I see myself”. Discuss the pictures: what’s the difference? Try to find positive and negative traits in your kid. This task will help you reveal the signs of low self-esteem in 6 years old.


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7. Sun Game

This is a perfect group game for toddlers that can be played in a big family or in a kindergarten. Choose the kid who will be ‘warmed’ by the sun. Give other kids color crayons or some sticks – those will be sun rays. Now ask each kid to give the child in the center their ‘rays’ and say something good (compliments, praising, comfy words, etc).

By the way, feel free to use such self-esteem activities for middle school – Sun game is a good idea for kids of any age.

How do you build child’s confidence? Offer your variants of games to boost kid’s self-esteem!

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