Find The Shadow Game For Small Toddlers (Level 1)

How to develop visual perception and attention in small toddlers? Try Find the shadow game! The rules are simple: print these pictures out, show your kid and ask to discover a shadow that belongs to the object. This time, we start with level 1: such tasks will be suitable for toddlers aged 2-4.

If your little ones are into such activities, also offer them Find the Animal Game (attention) or Odd One Out Game (logic).


To help your kid play Find the shadow game, look at the pictire and describe it. Say “This snake is very long, and this fish has a big flipper”. Show some oustanding features, and the kid will recognize the correct shadow easier.

Time to play!

Find the shadow game 1

Find the shadow game 1

Completed all the tasks correctly? Good for you! If your kid wants to play more shadow games, play online.

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