Find the Animal Game

If your little one lacks diligence and patience, you can help him develop attention in a fun way. Find the Animal game is here to boost your kid’s concentration and curiosity. Can you detect the right animal in the crowd?

Can you discern an owl with glasses?
Can you discern an owl with glasses?

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One of those sneaky racoons is sleeping, Where?
One of those sneaky racoons is sleeping, Where?

Can you see an upset croco?
Can you spot an upset croco?
See a mice in between?
Hint: You’ll detect the slyest fox by its face
Find a bird on a panda
Black-n-white penguin gets lost among pandas, give your kid time to detect it

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Elephants love bathing!
Did you know that huge elephants are afraid of tiny mice?

Have you managed to complete all the tasks? If ‘Find the Animal’ game appeals to your kid, buy similar ones, for instance, Spot the differences puzzles. These games are equally useful for children and adults.

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