20 Group Games for Toddlers

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No matter how many toys you buy, all of them can become boring sooner or later – this is where games for toddlers come in handy. Children need new impressions more than anyone else. Time to step up with the new gripping activities for them!

1. Guess the animal

Put a few soft toys or pictures of animals. The kid turns his back to you, and you imitate animal’s sound (meow, woof, snort, etc.). The task is to guess who produces such sound and show the right picture or toy.

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2. Find the couple

Put different objects in a heap (pairs of mittens, gloves and socks) and ask kids to match pairs of identical objects. To help little ones, pay the attention to their peculiarities – colors, patterns or sizes.

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3. The train

All participants line up in a train while holding each other’s waist and squatting. You can dance, stand up and sit down this way, or complicate the task and try walking, jumping and going under a table this way. A lot of fun is guaranteed!

Train game for toddlers
Source: www.life-games.net

4. Show me

Put the cards with different fruits, vegetables, or animals and games in front of the kids. Now ask them to show you this or that object: “Sam, where’s banana?” If a child knows this fruit, he or she will point it. If not, the little one will learn it when looking at the other kids pointing. Alternatively, try some board games for kids.

5. First come first served

Ask the kids to stay in a row, show them a toy and say that the first child to find mom will get the prize. That’s a nice idea for massive events attended by both kids and parents together.

6. Bunch of flowers

Cut leaves from colored paper and scatter them over the floor. Ask kids to gather a bunch of flowers for their moms.

7. The best painting

Have a B-day coming soon? Pass paper and pens around and offer the kids to draw their presents for the birthday celebrant. They can come up with their ideas and paint a doll, a car and so on.

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8. Dance

Littles ones got tired from games for toddlers? Switch the activity! Kids love moving to music, and with funny songs on the background, they can do it all day long.

9. Races

If you have different wind up cars, let kids launch them across the room and see which one finishes first.

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10. In search of treasures

Make a lot of flowers from colored paper and spread them across the floor. Only one of flowers should indicate or say where the treasure hidden can be found. Now ask the children to play rabbits jumping over a meadow and gathering flowers. The one who finds the lucky flower gets the treasure and shares with the others.

11. Moor

Every kid is given two A4 lists: they can step on these lists only changing their positions on the floor.

12. Straight shooter

Don’t forget about sports games for toddlers! Throw a ball directly in the bucket as many times and possible.

13. Bowling

Kids bowlingChildren need to hit the pins (plastic bottles will do) with a ball.






14. Monkey hill

Kids should reach the finish by going through different obstacles (tables, stools, pillows, covers, etc.). Take care and make only safe constructions

15. In bear’s wood

An adult plays the role of a bear pretending to sleep. Kids approach the bear as if they pick berries. While doing that, they can recite poems or proverbs. When they finish, a bear suddenly wakes up and tries to catch a kid.

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16. Sweets

Cut out sweets of different forms. You can either use bristol board, or just color white carton. Start using basic colors, then choose their shades. Prepare carton plates of the same colors and shades. Now ask kids to organize a fun day for their toys and dolls: ask them to serve the meal and put the sweets on plates of corresponding colors.

17. Happy pencils

Kids need to put tips on the watercolor pens so that the colors match.

18. What’s in the bag?

Put objects of different form, material, and structure in the bag. Ask kids to put their hands inside the bag and guess what the object is by simply touching it.

19. Who makes the kid laugh?

Choose a kid and ask the others to make him/her laugh. The winner will be the next kid to entertain.

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20. Cut and paste

Prepare a big piece of paper, for instance, Whatman paper and hang it on the wall. Draw a tree – one trunk and many branches. Cut out leaves, flowers and butterflies from colored paper and prepare Pritt sticks for every kid. Now tell them: “We were walking in a wood and saw a tree. It’s so lonely! Let’s decorate it with leaves”. Kids take the Pritt sticks and leaves, flowers and butterflies you had prepared and stick them to the tree.

These simple games for toddlers will help you to avoid boredom and entertain children, no matter how many of them participate. Switch your fantasy on, and you will easily make up some new gripping activities.

Which games do your kids prefer? We’d welcome your ideas!

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