How to Make a Sea Star Craft?

You’re anticipating a summer vacation on the seaside? Why not make something in marine thematic, for instance, a fish, jellyfish, or a sea star craft?

Sea star craft materialsYou will need:

  • Colored paper (blue, yellow, green);
  • White paper with sea star patterns;
  • Crayons or wax pencils;
  • Scissors;
  • White glue or a glue stick.





This sea star craft will inspire you and your little one! Colorful and voluminous, the masterpiece can be make by toddlers aged 4 and older. The process of making a handicraft will take about 20 minutes.

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Before you start, print out this paper:

Print out
Download and print out

Time to create and experiment! Put your white stars on any uneven surface (lego board, textured table, etc) and color them with a pencil.

Sea star craft step 1
Use any textured surface

Now, cut out the sea stars:

Sea stars for the craft

Make the background for your sea star craft: cut out sand dunes from the yellow paper, and don’t forget to add some marine greenery.

Now, fold the stars and stick them on your marine background using white glue (apply it on the edges). This is it. Don’t forget to give your child’s art a five-star mark 😉

Sea star craft final result


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