How To Make A Frog Handicraft

Complexity: Low
Time: 10 min
For kids aged: 3-5

Want to make something simple and cute with yout kid? Here’s  another great idea from MarvelMama: how about making a frog handicraft? Take a look at this smiley face – this froggy looks creative and yet is very easy to make.


Materials for frog handicraftWe will need:

  1. Double-sided colored paper (green, pale green, white, red).
  2. A list of colored carton (we chose blue one).
  3. Glue stick.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Black marker.



3 Steps for making a frog handicraft

This handicraft is very easy to create, and the longest part here is cutting out circles:

Frog handicraft is made of circles










Do it together with your kid. Cutting with scissors improves fine motor skills and boosts mental development.

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So, what’s next?

Step 1: Start sticking circles on the blue carton. Form the frog’s body, head, and legs.

Frog handicraft step 1









Step 2: Make the mouth by sticking the red circle on a green one and folding it.

Frog handicraft step 2








Step 3: Draw the eyes and eyelashes. You frog is almost ready!

Frog handicraft step 3










Now, it looks a bit lonely, but you can adorn the handicraft with details that appeal to your kid. We’ve decided to place a few lillies and a fly near the froggy. You are free to chose anything else.

Frog handicraft final result
Add details: lillies, flies, or ripples



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