Golden Fish Craft

Your kid is asking you to make another sea-themed handicraft? Golden fish craft is here to fulfill this wish! Prepare to do a lot of cutting and gluing – the results are worth it!

Materials For Golden Fish Craft

Materials for golden fish craftWe will need:

  • Colored paper (blue, yellow, green, golden or whatever color you want the fish to be);
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Black marker;
  • Ruler or a template to draw squares.




Step 1

Cut out squares of the golden paper: these will be fishes. Square size is custom: 10×10 cm is big enough.
Fold the squares to form triangles.

Fold squares to make triangles

Step 2

Cut out the fish body out of the triangle. Once you unfold it, you will see a fish body. Now, cut the figures by 3/4 into 6 lines.

Golden fish
Cut 3/4 of length

Step 3

Start gluing the stripes and cross them starting from the middle so that to form a fish tail. The picture below explains how to do it:

You're almost done
Cross stripes to make a fish tail

Step 4

We’re on the finish line. Take the black marker to draw goldfish eyes.

Golden fish handicraft
Draw eyes with a black marker

Don’t forget to add some details to the sea where your goldfish live: put some seaweed, sea stars, or shells.

Golden fish final result

Praise your kid for chair-glue patience! It’s worth its weight in gold!

By the way, if you want to create a 3D golden fish, here you can find instruction and printable template.

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