Foot Painting For Kids: 15 Creative Ideas On Your Toe Tips

Painting with pens is a hands-down activity, but what about…foot painting for kids? I’m pretty sure your little ones will like this idea! It’s not just painting – this activity will bring your little ones a lot of fun and laugh. As a bonus, you get a 100% authentic picture with footprints of your kids: that’s definitely a piece of art to save for the future! Here are 15 examples of drawing to inspire your first painting sessions.

What you need

Feet painting on a roll of paper
Feet painting on a roll of paper

Ideally, you should organize the activity on the open air: lay the paper on your backyard for kids to enjoy freedom.

Prepare the following:

  • a roll of thick paper;
  • stones or something to hold the ends of the roll;
  • tempera paints of different colors;
  • a bowl of water or a hose to clean feet;
  • brushes to finish the paintings;
  • towel or rag for cleanup.

Alternatively, you can make your foot painting sessions for kids less dirty by simply leaving a footprint on pieces of paper.


Why you should try foot painting?

Feet painting is an excellent choice for toddlers aged 2-6 because it helps to develop:

  • Sensory skills;
  • Fine motor skills;
  • Creativity;
  • Color perception;
  • Language.

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Did I motivate you? Okay, without further ago, I attach 15 feet painting ideas:


When your kid masters simple paintings you can try something more complicated:



I hope these ideas will help your little one become a true foot artist!

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