How to Make a Cow Craft?

Now when your kid has some basic skills of handicraft, it’s time to level up and try something a bit more difficult. This time, we will make a funny cow craft!

This is an easy paper craft for kids, and the process of creation will take about 15-25 minutes depending on kid’s fine motor skills and experience.

We will need:

  • White, black, brown and pink colored paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue stick;
  • Black pen.

Let’s get down to the aMOOsing art!

Cut out the following parts:

cow craft step 1










Those will be cow’s head, ears, and other parts.

Now, make a cone by rolling the white paper, and fix it with a glue stick:

Make the cone and fix it witl a glue stick














Here comes the most interesting, creative part of the process. Ask your little one to tear black paper into pieces (oh, they love it!) and stick them on the cone – future cow’s body.













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Now, stick the parts of cow’s head together and draw the eyes and mouth.














Done. This cow craft looks moooarvellous!



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