Bee Handicraft

Your kids are bored? Time to give them a buzzz! Bee handicraft will take 15 minutes of your time –  it’s very simple and cute.

Materials for Bee handicraft

Materials for Bee handicraftWe will need:

  • Blue or green carton;
  • Yellow, white, and black paper;
  • Glue stick;
  • Scissors.




How to make the craft?

Start with cutting out half-circles – those will be bees’ bodies. Also, don’t forget to cut black stripes.

Now, stick the black stripes on the yellow elements. Cut the excess paper. Bee body is ready!Bee handicraft step 3









Stick the bee bodies on the blue carton and don’t forget about head and wings.Bee handicraft final step











Now, all you need is to draw bees’ legs, eyes and horns.

Draw the details









Well done!

Viola - bee handicraft is ready!












Want more? Try to make a frog handicraft.

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