Calm down your baby with simplw feet massage

Feet Massage to Calm Your Baby

Sometimes the only way for you to know a baby is experiencing discomfort is hearing its cry. Newborn babies can be pretty cranky suffering from constipation, gas, tummy pain, and other things. While some serious problems should be treated with medications, temporary pains can be eliminated by spare methods. This is where feet massage (also called ‘reflexology’) rolls in. This is a great alternative to homemade remedies and effective way of soothing and calming your kid down.

There’s nothing like a mother’s touch

What is reflexology?

Did you know that each area of the foot corresponds with different body parts and organs? This is a scientifically proved fact, that’s why feet massage really helps in both children and adults. Of course, babies tend to be more susceptible to it – their ligaments and muscles haven’t developed fully. Therefore, by gently pressing and massaging certain areas, you can effectively relieve pain and discomfort caused by constipation, bloating, gas, and other little problems.

Basic Tips For Baby Feet Massage

Before rushing to rub and press your little pea’s feet, mind a few rules for making the massage safe and efficient:

  • Apply the right amount of pressure. Be particularly careful with infant massage: your touch should be firm enough to bring about therapeutic benefits of rubbing, but at the same time gentle so that not to irritate your baby even more.
  • Feet massage in infants is the most beneficial when your baby feels warm and comfy. Sustain the room temperature at the level of ~75 °F and choose a soft and cozy place to treat your kid – it can be your bed, a changing table, or a blanket on the floor. If your baby isn’t allergic to essential oils (coconut, olive, avocado, grape seed), it would only make your touch soother.
  • Choose the right time. If you see your little one isn’t up to feet massage and pulls away from your touches, try another time. Similarly, when your baby gets tired of feet massage at some point, just stop and resume later. Do not force your little one.

Stroking and milking massage touches in the beginning and the end of your session will stimulate the reflexology technique, make it more intense.

If you want to see how to do feet massage properly, check out this video:  

Now when the stage is set let’s move on to see which zones and when you should massage.

1. Head and teeth

Is your baby suffering from pain during teeth cutting? Feet massage of the entire toes will relieve unpleasant sensations. It’s also recommended for kids with hypertension of leg muscles.

Feet massage for head and teeth

2. Sinus (nose and throat)

Press right at the middle of toes, and you will get rid of nasal congestion and accelerate recovery process after the cold and runny nose.

Feet massage for sinus

3. Lungs

Chest congestion caused by cold and flu should be relieved as soon as possible, Massage the balls under baby’s toes (the zone right below the neck of the toes) to make the fits of coughing less frequent. Be careful!

Feet massage for lungs

4. Solar plexus

Solar plexus is a complicated system of nerves on the abdomen behind the stomach. Discomfort in this zone can cause spasms, upset stomach, tightness and even difficulty breathing. If your baby is displaying some of these symptoms, slight pressing in the middle of the feet (the area below the ball of the foot) can relieve them.

Feet massage for solar plexus

5. Upper abdomen

Performing gentle feet massage in their upper part, you will improve the functioning of the intestine and eliminate spasms.

Feet massage for upper abdomen

6. Lower abdomen

If your baby keeps kicking its bed with legs, and you notice bloating, it must be conditioned by gas and constipation. Massage the lower part of the feet to reduce pain and help bowels work properly.

Feet massage for lower abdomen

7. Back / Pelvis

By massaging heels you can make your little one relax. This procedure is especially useful before bedtime. Besides, some reflexology experts say that this area also corresponds to the pelvic area. So if you think that baby’s tummy and hips keep bothering it, such feet massage can also help.

Feet massage for back and pelvis

If you do everything correctly and gently enough, the results shouldn’t take long to manifest.

Which techniques do you use to soothe your baby? Looking forward to your replies in comments.

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