Find out how to make your kid kinder using games

7 Games That Teach Kindness

The last time, we observed games that reduce aggression – today I offer you games that teach kindness and compassion. They will develop the positive sides of your kid’s character and show how to differentiate between the good and the evil.

True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others.

7 Games that Teach Kindness

Most of these games are suitable for group playing, though some can be organized for a single kid.

The bank of good deeds

Collect memories of good deeds in the bank
Teach kindness and say that even small good deeds count

The research proves that reminding children of their past kind deeds actually encourages positive thinking and willingness to help people and treat others well. Therefore, you can memorize these deeds together, if you make the bank of good deeds. Cut out small circles or hearts of paper. In the end of each day, offer your kid to put as many circles in the bank as good deeds done during this day. If your kid finds it hard to answer, try to find something good even in minor deeds. You can write it down on the circles, as well. Such activities not only teach kindness, but also stimulate kids to behave well.

Get rid of aggression

In the same manner, you can collect the bad deeds and emotions. These can be denoted as black clouds or blots cut out of paper. Talk to your little one and ask whether he made some bad deeds. Put these bad deeds and negative emotions into a bag and throw it away.

Good names

This game is suitable for groups. Players stand to form a circle and throw a ball to each other while calling him/her some good names. The kid who says more good names wins.


This is an alternative to ‘Good Names’ game. Let the kids sit in a circle and hold hands. Every child should say some compliments to the neighbor sitting by their side. The kid who receives compliment should thank the neighbor and say something pleasant to the next kid. Adults should participate, too: offer kids some nice adjectives when they hesitate.

Love Pyramid

Teach kindness by making the love pyramidThis is another great group game that evokes positive emotions. Remember what you love together with your kids. Someone loves pets, someone loves their toys, while the third kid may answer she loves ice cream. Let kids build the Love Pyramid. Adult starts it my naming what he/she loves and puts the hand in the center. Children say what they love and put their hand above. This way, you get the pyramid made.

Kindness Jar

Kindness jar - the best way to encourage spontaneous good deedsEncourage spontaneous acts of kindness! There’s no better way to do that than creating a so-called Kindness Jar. Write down some good deeds on pieces of paper (“Hug your neighbor”, “Say a compliment to your friend”, “Play together with a new classmate”, etc) and put the notes in a jar. Kids should draw a note and do what it says. Another way to teach kindness is playing Kindness Bingo.



Your kid loves some particular fairy tale? Put on an act! Set up stages and use toys to play the story. When you finish, ask your little one who is his favorite hero, and why. Discuss the good deeds that were done, and ask what the villains did wrong.

So, what is a good deed?

You’re short of ideas of good acts? It doesn’t have to be anything heroic. Expression of love and helping each other are already enough to teach kindness. Here’s what you can offer:

Ten good deeds to teach kindness

How do you teach kindness? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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