10 Baby Name Books: Thousands of Ideas at Your Fingertips

Name giving is, probably, one of the most important parental duties. Once you choose one variant and obtain the birth certificate, it will be hard to change things. You have no room for error, so approach it with maximum responsibility and care. Bother your head about your child’s name? These baby name books will be your ultimate source of inspiration!

Words have meaning and names have power: they can define child’s destiny

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Criticism vs Child Discipline: What’s the Difference?

Knowingly or unknowingly, each one of us criticizes our kids on a daily basis. Pretty often, we can easily find new reasons for giving children a tongue-lashing. But does it make any sense? Let’s find out what the difference between criticism vs child discipline is, and why the second option should be your top priority.

Why do we have to make any remarks?

Because if we don’t tell them which mistakes they are making, they’ll never correct their behavior. So criticism is necessary for the upbringing and forming good habits.

But do you watch your words when you criticize your kids?

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How to Introduce Numbers to Kids?

When your little one only starts getting acquainted with numbers, it seems like rocket science for him. How to clear things up, ease the task and get the kid introduced to numbers? There’s no one-fits-all approach – every child should be guided through the basics of preschool mathematics in a special way. These interactive techniques are here to introduce numbers to kids.

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Easy Ways To Treat Upset Belly In Your Kid

If your child has ever come to you complaining about a stomach ache, you are not alone. Upset bellies are pretty common among young children and can make them feel absolutely terrible. As a parent, all you want to do is hold your child and make the pain go away. But it’s not enough. Here are a few helpful tips to treat upset belly efficiently.

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Parents Fighting: The Biggest Mistake We Do

Even in the happiest families, spouses cannot agree with each other on every single issue. Having different opinions is natural and normal. But the way parents handle conflicts with one another has a lasting impact on their children. It defines their emotional health, and the decisions they will make about relationships later in life. That’s why parents fighting in front of the kids is the biggest mistake they can do.

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43 Signs of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Signs of attention deficit disorder can be very tricky, and here’s why.

Imagine you ask your 6 years old son to brush his teeth. As he listens to the word ‘brush’, he starts thinking about a big paintbrush he saw with his classmate a few days ago. He remembers the green tree his classmate drew with that big brush. His mind flashes pictures of the colored water that was dripping out of the watercolors on the green tree. He thinks crayons are better that way because they don’t need any water. He has a good collection of crayons. The last pack of crayons was a gift from grandpa. Grandpa is wonderful. He had so much fun with grandpa during the last holidays. Holidays are fun. What if he could color lots of pictures with the crayons with grandpa? That would be real fun …

By the time he has been busy thinking these wonderful ideas, you’ve called him three times and you are boiling with anger now. It seems like the kid doesn’t listen to you.

But the fact is he was lost in a world of his own imagination. He had no intention to disobey you. He was behaving to his best. Your reaction confuses him. He wonders what’s going on. What is he being scolded for? He didn’t do anything wrong.

That’s ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder: a developmental problem that’s diagnosed in 6.4 mln American children.

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The Bully Child: Causes and Consequences

About 75% of the people in jail have been bully at some point in time in their childhood. Isn’t this an indicator that a bully child could be a potential criminal in the future?

Looking at the other side, two third of the total shooting incidents in schools in America are the cases where the victims shot at the bullies out of revenge.

Isn’t all this scaring?

If yes, read on … and If no, just check out and make sure that your child isn’t a bully. Parents of a bully child are the last persons to know that their child is a bully.

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How to Treat a Child With Autism: First Steps

When a parent finds out that his child has autism, the shock can be life-changing. However, according to research studies, parents who know how to care for children with autism perform well emotionally and are able to create a strong bond between them and their children. How to treat a child with autism? Here are a few basic guidelines for parents and caregivers.

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