Step-by-step guide to making an autumn tree handicraft

Autumn Tree Handicraft

Complexity: Low
Time: 10 min
For kids aged: 2-5

The fall is still reigning and colorful leaves continue covering the ground turning it into a bright patchwork quilt. Why not add juicy colors to this cold November day, too? Let’s make an autumn tree handicraft!

Materials for autumn tree handicraft

Materials for autumn tree craftPrepare:

  • colored paper (brown, green, yellow, orange and red);
  • a sheet of cardboard (blue, white, or whatever you like);
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • glue stick.

How to make an autumn tree handicraft?

Step 1

Cut out the autumn tree trunkCut out the tree trunk and stick it to the cardboard

Step 2

Autumn tree handicraft step 2Cut out the colored leaves. Use a cap or any other round object to draw ideal circles.

Step 3

Fold the leaves in halves and start sticking them randomly (apply glue on one half of each leaf).

Here we are! Your masterpiece is ready. Don’t forget to praise your little one for the good job.Autumn tree handicraft final result

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